Метатрейдер и фортс

During high метатрейдер и фортс in the market, some users may experience increased Internet traffic, slower operation of the terminal and your computer in general while running the terminal.

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To exclude this factor, unused tools should be hidden. To do this, perform the following steps: The choice of tools can be saved in an automatic list.

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This will allow for the tool list to be potentially restored if you change to another terminal. STEP 2 In the event that if the first step did not bring about significant results, it is necessary to limit the number метатрейдер и фортс tools that are stored and displayed at the same time.

метатрейдер и фортс

Do this by: Go to the terminal settings. Select the "Charts" tab and reduce the number of bars displayed at one time and the number saved in the history Operation in the terminal can be affected by open ports for DDE protocol.

метатрейдер и фортс

You can also prevent the news flow: After completing these steps, you must restart the метатрейдер и фортс for the new settings to take effect. Метатрейдер и фортс of the above steps will help you to optimize the operation of the terminal and to improve its performance. Nevertheless, we remind you that the main criterion is the quality of your personal computer equipment.

метатрейдер и фортс
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